Raptor is an anti-poaching Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization which aims and objectives are to create a poaching free South Africa
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The ‘Rocky Anti-Poaching Tactical ORganisation’ was initiated to provide education, training and employment of an environmental nature to under-privileged individuals and communities, with various other strategies to combat poaching and conserve nature. It incorporates a wide range of integrated projects to fight poaching and the destruction of the environment.

Our desire is to stop man’s headlong rush into destruction and his desire, through greed, to push the rest of creation in front of him off the precipice into extinction. It is necessary to imbue generations living now with a respect of Mother Earth and her creations, the flora and fauna, and, the various environments that provide their habitats; generating in humankind the understanding and empathy that leads to preservation and conservation.

Education is a major part in combating poaching but it has been sorely overlooked in the past. RAPTOR will endeavour to rectify this. Our aim is to provide reading material in several different languages that will teach sound environmental morals and principles, enculturing present and future generations with a ‘think nature first’ attitude and mindset. We will achieve this by utilizing the Rocky book series and associated workbook, a pre-existing series that teaches about the necessity of preserving the Earth and life on it in an entertaining and absorbable format. In addition to this a cartoon strip and leaflets in a variety of languages including Chinese, will be distributed to create greater awareness and impact. To assist in the absorption of the material environmental workshops and community, plays and puppet shows, will be put on in rural communities where poaching is prevalent. A series of short animated cartoons for TV, with characters from the book series, will augment the media campaign and educate viewers about the danger all wildlife is facing. A documentary series will also be created for domestic and international consumption, further highlighting the plight of certain species under threat of extinction due to poaching and exposing the criminals behind it.

RAPTOR will train Eco-Scouts from underprivileged communities and employ them to monitor poaching in areas under threat, and will educate people about the preservation of flora and fauna. Training will take place at a game reserve with a lodge and fully equipped education facility created by RAPTOR.

RAPTOR will gather intelligence on poaching in order to formulate strategies against it, incorporating information the Eco-Scouts have gathered.

RAPTOR will create a dedicated anti-poaching team to respond to the threats imposed by the poachers upon wildlife, and will, thereby, tackle poaching by education, by employment, by changing hearts and minds, by intelligence, and, by action. . .