Raptor is an anti-poaching Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization which aims and objectives are to create a poaching free South Africa
Read about the ways where you can help

There are many ways that you can help.  Every single person can help to save the Rhino and other endangered animals and plants. 

  1. The most important thing is to talk about it!  Yes, simply by stating your support for all initiatives that will truly help to protect our environment you will add to the groundswell of opposition to exploitation and destruction.
  2. Preserve your own environment – recycle plastic, paper, glass and tins; create your own compost with a compost heap or bin, a bokashi container; save water where possible by mulching your garden beds and watering carefully; feed the birds with wildlife birdseed and fruit; plant a tree
  3. Educate your children and staff constantly and lead by example
  4. Donate to RAPTOR where your donation will be used effectively and sensibly according to our clearly set out policies; you will be sent our newsletter and annual reports
  5. Give up a little of your time and/or skills to help us to make a difference; contact us for more details
  6. Buy a Rocky Book (go to www.rockybooks.co.za for details).  Proceeds from every book sold go to support RAPTOR

Every donation you make, every time you pick up a piece of litter, every time you speak out against poaching, every time you help to educate another person, every action, however small, can make this world a safer place for our animals and plants.